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Buy Cheap Fake Ugg Boots From China

knock off uggs <a href=Ugg boots also called Uggs is an Australian brand that has been around for some time but most recently became extremely popular among mostly young women. The Ugg boot has been worn by many celebrities and is well-known for its warm sheepskin and fleece material and its comfortable fit. Uggs are pretty expensive though and most Ugg boots cost well over 200$. Reasons for the high price for an original pair of Uggs is mostly the cost of material and manufacturing cost but don’t get fooled. You pay a considerable additional price for the brand.

Where to buy fake Uggs

If you don’t feel like spending 200$ on a pair of boots consider buying fake ugg boots instead. You can easily buy good quality and cheap fake Ugg boots from China if you just know where to look. I recommend buying knock off Uggs from AliExpress.com which has a great selection of many fake Uggs being sold by different trustworthy AliExpress.com sellers. You just need to know which search terms to use to find the best fake Ugg boots on AliExpress.com.

Search terms to use when searching for fake Uggs on AliExpress.com :
Ug botas Australia
Snow boots Australia brand

On AliExpress.com it is possible to find both original and fake Ugg boots. If you buy original Uggs from AliExpress.com you will most likely save 10-20% off the retail price. Fake ugg boots from AliExpress.com will most likely save you about 60-70% of the original price. On AliExpress.com it is possible to find Knock off Uggs in the price range of 40-60$ with free shipping which is much cheaper than an original pair of Uggs.

These AliExpress.com stores has good quality knock off uggs
Ins Shoe House Store
Yas Bae Store
Nice Shoe Trading Co., LTD

How is the quality of fake Ugg boots from AliExpress.com ?

The quality of fake uggs from AliExpress.com are mainly pretty good. But the quality can vary from seller to seller and the more cheaper uggs you buy the higher risk for receiving a pair in not so good quality. The most important thing to have in mind when buying fake ugg boots from AliExpress.com is to look at the rating of the seller and the rating of the specific uggs you are about to buy. You should aim to buy fake uggs that have a minimum number of orders and good ratings.

As you can see on the picture below, the AliExpress.com store Nice Shoe Trading Co.,LTD has a listing with different types of fake ugg boots from 79.80$ with 141 orders and a 5-star rating. This will be a good choice to purchase from here due to the price, quality, and safety. The store has an overall positive feedback of 98.2% which is a really good rate and Nice Shoe Trading Co., LTD is definitely a safe and secure place to buy shoes and boots from. Also, check out rest of their assortment containing lots of other great shoes and boots.
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Buy Fake Uggs On AliExpress.com Here

If you have any questions regarding buying knock off Ugg boots on AliExpress.com don’t hesitate to leave a comment..

I hope you will enjoy your new Ugg replicas and be happy with your great savings 🙂

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  1. Does the fake Ugg boots have a UGG label on the heel of the boots.I was looking on Ali express and the merchant won’t show the back of the boots.Do you know which store sells the fake UGG with the logo

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