Buy Airpods Aliexpress China

Buy AirPods from Aliexpress China

Apple recently launched their new iPhone 7. One of the big changes of the new iPhone is the removal of the well-known jack stick which is used for audio output. Instead of using the old Earpods with wire Apple has launched a new product called AirPods which is very similar to the old EarPods but without a wire. Yes, the future is here. Wireless earphones, also known as AirPods.

So, Wireless Earphones sounds great, right? What’s not to like. I tell you. The price! The new AirPods for iPhone costs nothing less than 159$! You can almost buy half an iPhone for that price. Therefore I will give you one advice. One recommendation that will save you a lot of money. Here it goes.

Buy AirPods Straight from China Through Aliexpress

The truth is, most Apple products are manufactured in China and the manufacturing cost is close to zero. Apple makes a crazy profit margin on most of their products. In fact, the AirPods themselves are made in China and my best guess is that the overall manufacturing and distribution cos for AirPods is around 5$. That leaves Apple with a profit of 154$ when you buy a pair of AirPods. Therefore, my greatest advice is Buy AirPods Aliexpress.

Airpods Aliexpress
There is a lot of money to save by buying Airpods straight from China through Aliexpress

Find the best AirPods Aliexpress

When you buy AirPods on Aliexpress there is a lot of different to choose between. Some are replica AirPods and some are actually original AirPods. I recommend that you buy the original ones because replica electronic from China often isn’t in so good quality. You can save lots of money even when buying original AirPods from Aliexpress.

It works like this. An Aliexpress Wholesaler buys a lot of original AirPods through the back door of the Apple factory in China. He often buys second sorting and can get them for a very cheap price which the factory owner owes a bit of money on instead of just throwing them out. Often, the factory owner also sells a bit of AirPods to an Aliexpress Wholesaler without them even being second sorting. It is, however also possible to find replica AirPods which are a very good quality as well.

When you buy AirPods Aliexpress, make sure to check the ratings and reviews to make sure that the seller is trustworthy and the AirPods comes in good quality. Original AirPods from Aliexpress shouldn’t cost more than 50$ and a pair of replica AirPods shouldn’t cost more than 10-20$ ­čÖé

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